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Gilead Foundations is a Therapeutic Community, offering a residential rehabilitation program for people with life-controlling addictions, such as drug or alcohol abuse, homelessness, gambling, eating disorders, self harm, and other addictive behaviours.

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"To promote the mental and physical rehabilitation of persons suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or similar problems by providing therapy, teaching them spiritual values, and advancing their education so as to better enable them to cope with the business of life".

Gilead works in collaboration with RECIC (Risdon Enterprise Community Interest Company) through a Service Level Agreement to provide the very best rehabilitation service to its' clients who attend for rehabilitation.


Unlocking People... Releasing Potential...

...By providing residential accommodation in a community & extended family structure, for service users in need of rehabilitation and life restructure from substance abuse and other life controlling problems. To help restore independence and stability to peoples’ lives so they are better able to lead responsible lives in their own homes, free from addictions; understand the importance of good personal standards, and have a positive attitude to family and daily work routines.


Gilead operates a three-phase therapeutic skills training programme, including detox, relapse prevention training, various therapies, and help with resettlement back into society.

The course also includes work therapy & skills training in various areas such as the farm, dairy, catering, administration & ITC, building & maintenance, & basic skills, etc. Risdon Enterprises is registered with training bodies, so service users can achieve national certifications such as QCFs (Qualifications and Credit Framework).