Risdon Enterprises
Tel: 01837 851 240


Risdon Enterprises Community Interest Company (RECIC), working in collaboration with Gilead Foundations Charity .... Unlocking people from addictions and compulsive behaviours, through residential rehabilitation, counselling, work therapy and skills training, and releasing them into their true potential for successful lifestyle.

Gilead works in collaboration with RECIC to provide the very best rehabilitation service to its' clients who attend for rehabilitation. Until recently the Charity was always relying on client / government funding which is generally unsustainable, so the need arose to develop this social enterprise company to enable a more stable income through the farming business.

Risdon is a working farm, with-free range egg production and wholesale milk production providing real-life work therapy and skills training to our clients.

Any profits raised through the social enterprise enable RECIC to subsidise fees for clients to come to the Gilead Charity for rehabiltiation so that more clients can experience recovery from addiction. Clients also get a sense of fulfilment from knowing that they are contributing to the welfare of everyone in the community by being involved in these departments, and RECIC can offer clients accredited qualifications in practical skills while going through their rehabilitation program, in order to gain future employment.

The egg production department, as a franchisee of John Bowler eggs, is proving successful and therefore we have just expanded our number of hens and facilities.